Bryston B100 SST2 w/ Dyn C1

I'm considering getting a pair of Dyn C1's, my main concern is that my IA lacks enough power to properly drive this speaker. I know that the Dyn crave high power, and have read that they really shine w/power greater than 200wpc, my Bryston is 180wpc. I have considered getting a 3B, for the added umph.

My local dealer has said that the Bryston will work just fine with no worries. I'll add that the listening room is small (12'X10'). I plan to audition this setup in a few weeks, but would welcome any suggestions.
I had a B100SST driving my C1's for over a year. It works but the rated power is somewhat deceiving. I even had my son's 3BSST using the pre out from the B100. Didn't notice a difference. I traded my Bryston B100 in for a 70W Octave tube integrated which to me sounds better. Naim supernait was my second choice. So that being said the Bryston will work. I had my Bryston before I got the C1's but since upgraded.

BTW are you looking at the original C1, MKII, or signatures? I upgraded my originals to the signatures.
Forgot to mention that I fought with my local dealer for over a year regarding a better integrated. It wasn't until he brought the Octave V70SE to My Home to compare side by side that I heard that the Bryston could be bettered.
Thanks for your comments, I have read many of your posts on the Dyn's. And have found them to be of great value.

I am in agreement that the Bryston may not be the best match for the C1, and I don't want to invest in that class of speaker only to have them under-proform. I do plan on going to adution the Dyn's in a couple of weeks ( MK II) this dealer also has Sim Moon, and I heard the 600i drive a pair of C4 w/o any problems.
Like I said the B100 will work and sound very good. You can always replace the Bryston at a later date like I did. If possible bring the Bryston and source with you when you audition the MKII's. Remember the room and speaker placement has a lot to do with the sound. Better yet again if possible see if can bring the MKII's to your home.

Good luck