Bryston square series question ...

I understand there was an update to the Bryston square series amplifiers ... version 1 and 2.

The question is, if you have a version 1, will Bryston update it to version 2 free of charge? I KNOW I can contact Bryston but only in early investigation stage for a SS amp so just curious. I'm specifically interested in the 28bsst model.

I believe the upgrade is for SST square models. Should double check with Bryston.
If your talking 7s,14,28s,i believe new transformers and caps
for the SQ.These are the newer products.
There's a thread on Audiocircle that gives out the price for 7s,14s,28s ect.Not sure about the SSTS
There's a price jump in I believe on April1/10 from 0-8%,
that's on there also.
If I want the new caps and transformers for my 28s,I believe it will be around 900.00,soooo 2000.00

The reason I ask is ... in the middle of MF Stereophile 7bsst2 review, Bryston dropped off a new unit with fixes for some issues. I was wondering whether Bryston consider it a fix or upgrade? If it's a fix, then it should be free for owners with the orig unit.
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That's what I figured ... nothing is free :-) Thank You for all the responses.