Buchardt Anniversary 10 powered monitors with Purifi woof, new tweeter and DIGITAL amps!

Buchardt’s previous powered speakers used regular class D amps.....now they are using digital amps (PowerDACs). This very small monitor can play down to 30hz! About $4K delivered anywhere in the world. Shipping to begin in August. I am pretty sure they will do a floor standing model using multiple Purifi woofs and hopefully the Purifi midrange too. A tri-amped version of this would be around $7-8K.... go Buchardt go.

This is the fist speaker in the world to use digital amps built in. There will be more coming. The revolution has begun........of course, you can get a Minidsp digital flex and a couple of modified VTV D300 or Peachtree GaN 1 pure digital amps and make your own bi-amped speaker even better than the Buchardt......but the Buchardt should be killer for the money. Same price as the non powered Mofi Sourcepoint 10s but is smaller, lighter, powered (no DACs or separate amps required).....can do wireless, has lower bass than the Sourcepoint 10s and will probably sound better. Of course, you cannot change the color of the sound (tubes) with an internal amp system.....but you can download lots of eq curves to make it suit your taste and room......please check it out.