Budget Audiophile Looking For Amplifier Suggestions

Hi All,

I'm looking suggestions for a high quality ss 2-channel amplifier (120-150 WPC) made between 1998-2005 that may have sold for $2000-3000 but today would go for $800-$1100. What would you be looking for?

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Had one of those as well as an odyssey stratos plus, both are solid recomendations.


Glad to hear very positive comments from another ML fan.

I believe they are some of the best bargains on the used market today.

I currently have 5 pairs(!), Swifts, Ospreys, Kestrel HRs, Kestrel IIs, and Swallows. 

I'm not a fan of class a amps,  that's why I question the extended class a of the Stratos.  I'm sure it sounds great but I'd like to know how it's implemented.

In the case of each amp suggested above I've scanned google images and articles to get a handle the structure and construction along with the reviews and attributes.

One of the downsides (for me) of a lot of these amps is the lack of available schematics and service manuals.  I like to see how the basic electronic foundation is laid out and know I could repair it myself if necessary.

Along the same lines, the upside is that most of the discrete components they contain are still available.
Whatever you do get the very best you can possibly afford stretch if you have to.  Great old gear is great stuff. Mediocre becomes. ....,This is a golden rule of buying used and older things.  Think in terms of the best gear you can, go from there.
 I cannot make a direct recommendation because I use tube amps,  with less juice than you need want etc. I once, owned a big MF integrated and didn't like all that much.
If one shows up, a McCormack DNA 0.5 with A Revisions would be a great choice in addition to the many others listed here.  Best of luck.