Budget integrated amps for garage system

I want to put together a system for my garage and am pondering the NAD 316BEE, the Cambridge Audio Azur 350 or Topaz AM10, and the Yamaha AS500. I'm thinking about either the PSB Alpha B1s or Paradigm Atom or Mini monitors for speakers. Source will be my iPod. Since I'll be on my cycling trainer, I want the music loud.

My "indoor" system is Acurus pre and power amp, AMC CD6, Thiel CS1.5s and a REL Strata sub.

I'd love some feedback, ideas, etc. I don't want to spend much since it will be in the garage! Thanks for your thoughts!
The little Class T is interesting, but I've already tried a Nuforce Integrated and it just didn't have the power to drive my test speakers (Linn Katan). Getting a larger speaker like the Klipsch would be great but for the space problem...so I'm pretty much forced into a bookshelf monitor sized speaker.

Any thoughts about the amplifier choices I listed? In the case of both the amp and speakers, I want to get something that is inexpensive, yet good quality and good sound, even though it will not be in a proper listening environment at this time, but could be in the future.

Thanks again for your thoughts...
I use a Winsome Mouse as the amp for my desktop/portable system. It goes plenty loud with 88 dB Visonik David 5000i speakers. Price is $369 for an assembled unit or $319 for a kit. It's a good-sounding design, transparent enough to let a high-res source show what it can do, and it should work fine with either the PSBs or the Paradigms you're considering.

Other than that, I like the smaller BEE NAD amps and the 316 should do fine too.
I agree with Valinar, speakers are most important for playing loud, as they determine this to a much greater degree than the amp. I would consider something like Klipsch outdoor speakers with the NAD. Some of these speakers have a sensitivity of 95db, and using the 40W NAD should work well. You would need 160W with the PSB's or Mini Monitor's (89db) to get the same loudness, and even more on Atom's (87db). Not to mention the outdoor speakers will have more ability to withstand the garage environment. Maybe the amp could be located inside, and wired to the garage. Actually think it should sound good, giving most of the credit to the NAD, and yes the other speakers would sound better, but at lower volume. Just think about the conditions for listening.
How about a used Arcam integrated (or receiver if you want radio)? Gear with which you can use headphones may be a good option if you are listening in a noisy environment.
Iv'e used the Paradigms Mini's in several situation's and have found them to be great sounding , well built and a great bang for the buck . They will need some real power to play loud , think about 100wpc.