Budget Tube Preamp with Remote

I need a preamp with remote. My system is Adcom GFA 545ii; JM Labs Daline 3.1; Moon Audio 100D Dac; Onkyo NDs-1. I was interested in trying tubes. I'm replacing an Adcom GTP 400, and was thinking of something warmer. I listen primarily to classical and jazz. I would like to keep the cost below $600. Would an integrated amp such as a Jolida (using only as a preamp) make sense? Thanks very much.
Using the Jolida Int. as a preamp would make no sense. It is virtually an amplifier with a Alps volume control. You would only be using the volume control as your preamp and would get no effect from the tubes.

You could use the Jolida or another tube integrated and do away with your amp. Tubes for the amp will definately give you the tube sound also.
Dared SL-2000A

Search the forums for info. I see a new one in the classifieds for $469. I have no connection to the seller.
Since mid-March I have been using a Jolida JD-5T line stage to drive a reconditioned 1981 Heathkit AA-1600. The Jolida is a nice little unit, pretty substantial actually with good-sized power supply and IEC AC socket so you can upgrade with a better power cord. I swapped out the stock tubes (12AX7) with NOS Philips and added some Herbies Tube Dampers, and added a Zu BoK power cable.

It's a smooth, but dynamic and neutral unit. It has just 10 dB of gain, but that's plenty for me, even with my LP source, and it keeps the unit VERY quiet. The remote is about the size of a key fob but has the functions you need--on/off, vol. up/down, and mute.

Best of all you should be able to score a new one with warranty for around $350, maybe less.
BTW, I also listen to a lot of classical and jazz. I've used the JD5T to push a couple of different 1980's amps and it's always sounded really good. Very good with vocals, cello, strings, horns, percussion, you name it.