Building a Music Server that will play all formats

I'm a mac person but want to build a stand alone music server for my hifi that will play all my MP3 and loss less files BUT most importantly will play flac files all in one simple player. I was thinking a Dell Zino connected to a TBD DAC. Any thoughts on this plan? Thoughts on player? Media Monkey or Songbird?

System: Vandersteen 5A, Rogue 180 monoblocks, Rogue Pre, VPI Classic.

Dhl93449 - the article you linked to is one of many possible solutions. There are lots of people who have built very good computer based systems without building a system like Chris' system. Using a quality player along with an async USB connection can provide excellent results using a standard desktop or laptop. If you want to try a simple system, you can get a HRT Streamer II for $150, add a player (Foobar, J River, iTunes on MAC) and you are good to go. Like everything, it can take some time to build up to your "final" system, but you need to start somewhere. Chris' article is a perfectionist view. Don't let it scare you off.
Neal here from Sound Science.
The Music Vault series of Servers solve all the problems you want to avoid in Digital Playback.

I provide USB 3.0 for USB DACs on all the units but The Pearl is all you need to work with the Empirical Audio or other exclusive USB input DACs. The Emerald has a great SPDIF output and analog out as well and then the Diamond provides the ultimate balanced Digital Outputs.

The OS is taken out of the Audio Path, buffering is optimized and so is the play back software.

Storage is internal which sounds better than external storage and auto duplication is standard on all models.

The Diamond includes a Plextor Blue Ray Drive for ultimate CD ripping and all units come with DB Power amp as the ripper and HDMI out if you want to watch movies on your Music Vault or attach to your flat panel to see your music selections.

I install software on all the units that allow me to logon remotely to help you learn or to solve problems that pop up later on.

The Music Vaults are future proof and come complete, you don't need additional software or any of the programs a mac needs to attempt to sound as good as a Music Vault.