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3-4 dB dip at crossover region: what should I listen for to hear it?
1500 is upper midrange. If you do a search for frequency chart of musical instruments,  you should find what you are looking for.  Erik,  I have built using buttererworth, bessel, linkwitz riley and chebyshev. I believe that you were looking for b... 
Integrated amp w/decent headphone out under $5k
Sorry, it is a pre, you can buy them used under $4000  
Integrated amp w/decent headphone out under $5k
I like everything about my SST Ambrosia.  Great phono and headphone amp  
Adcom pre amp versus Van Alstine
Thus is probably not fair because I have not heard that model of VA. I am commenting because of some of the comments about Adcom. I have heard all of their pre's and consider most poor. However the GFP750 is a fine preamp, No other Adcom is in the... 
Technics SL-1310 Mk2
I have one that is beautiful,  I've been putting off replacing power supply and speed regulation caps as well as the cueing mechanism.  I'll  get to it soon  
Happy Holidays to All
Merry Christmas  Audiogon Fam!  
Do all Class D amps lack soundstage depth?
I have built no less than a dozen class D Amps. They vary dramatically in presentation To be fair, I always increase capacitance, replace any caps on the input and bypass the rest of the caps when possible.  I also add a bank of caps between the s... 
No sneering Please
I have built 4 over time. To be fair. I typically do a fair amount of work on them. My latest is quite good.   
Purchase on Audiogon arrived not as described
It is most likely that the seller did sell a quality product with good intentions.  It is also likely that the seller was clueless of how to package the speakers to ride undamaged.  Terrible situation.  If my scenario is correct, the seller would ... 
True high-end Speakers need a midrange
Also, this tweeter does a great job crossed very low. http://www.bliesma.de/products.html   T34A  
True high-end Speakers need a midrange
I've  had good luck with this tweeter performing as you have described.  http://www.wavecor.com/html/tw030wa11_12.html The 11/4 ohm version   
At what price is one considered an Audiophile.
An audiophile is person with the pursuit of reproducing music as faithfully as possible by using hi fi equipment... Budget has no bearing. However, the pursuit can be quite expensive.   
Where to get a crossover upgrade rebuild for B&W Matrix 802s3 Speakers?
I can help you with any questions that you might have. I have original schematics, fairly straight forward crossovers, they will respond to improvements. Need to know what you are trying to achieve, how do you want them to sound different? How muc... 
Crossover Redo on my Amrita Audio Floorstanders
@danbro    try me on private message    
Crossover Redo on my Amrita Audio Floorstanders
If you can send me a pic of your crossover,  we can then talk about what you wat to achieve and I can then give you advice on what to upgrade