Building Analog System


I currently have an NAD C328 running Totem Acoustic Skylite Speakers. I love my system and I’m finally ready to jump to analog and build a record collection. 

1. Do I really need a phono preamp? (The C328 does have a phono input.)

2. If so, what would you all recommend (under $500)? For aesthetic reasons, I’d like to stay in the NAD family if possible.

3. What’s the best first record player to get (under $1k)? The Skylites produce a very detailed sound, so I want to make sure I’m going to acquire a player that performs. 


Many thanks, as always!



+1 for Technics. Direct drive, built like a tank and sound amazing. You'll have it a lifetime.

Rega is excellent as well. Classic belt drive. In your budget the table (P1 or P2) will come with a Rega Carbon cart. A solid choice, but personally speaking, I find the AT-VM95C (pre-installed on the Technics SL-100C) edges a Carbon sound wise. Not to mention P1/P2 arms don't have vertical tracking angle adjustments, so if you go outside of Rega carts you have to deal with shims, etc. Not the end of the world but something to be aware of.

A lot of people dig the Pro-Ject Carbon Evo. And if you want to stay in the NAD family, my pal recently bought their C 588 table and loves it.

However, if it were me, I'd grab a Pioneer PLX-1000 for $750 (essentially, the same deck as the SL-100C), which leaves a good chunk of money leftover for a very nice cartridge of your choice.

Not sure the Technics can be had at the budget here, but if so I would grab it

A used Rega would be a wise choice. Rega is one of the most modified turntables on the market. Buying used you can secure a table that has a few modifications for the same price as a nu one.

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