Building Analog System


I currently have an NAD C328 running Totem Acoustic Skylite Speakers. I love my system and I’m finally ready to jump to analog and build a record collection. 

1. Do I really need a phono preamp? (The C328 does have a phono input.)

2. If so, what would you all recommend (under $500)? For aesthetic reasons, I’d like to stay in the NAD family if possible.

3. What’s the best first record player to get (under $1k)? The Skylites produce a very detailed sound, so I want to make sure I’m going to acquire a player that performs. 


Many thanks, as always!



Not sure the Technics can be had at the budget here, but if so I would grab it

A used Rega would be a wise choice. Rega is one of the most modified turntables on the market. Buying used you can secure a table that has a few modifications for the same price as a nu one.

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