Building your own HiFI rack (hasn't been discussed in a while)

I need a new HiFi rack and have to compromise with a partner who wants something that looks good and matches the furniture.  I prefer to build than buy.  My idea is to build something similar in concept to  with each shelf made of Cherry butcher block to match the rest of the furniture.

My questions are:

1. Where to get spike sets to put under the legs of each stand alone shelf i.e. recessed thread set into the wood and spikes to screw into them plus locking nuts

2. We live in a 200 year old farmhouse with a suspended (uneven) solid Oak floor. I can't use spikes so was looking at what kinds of feet to put under the bottom legs: neoprene isolation pads, sorbothane, or what?

Any help, pointers, or experience would be greatly appreciated.

wqgq_641  sapele is beautiful know it to well Was turning  some of it on the lathe when half of it split and gave me 58 stitches 
In the process of planning a rack myself. 

Looking at creating a floating rack using cork and rubber isolation pads. Entire rack would rest on a set of pads so no direct contact between the floor and rack.

Similar to these, but found some that rated higher that will carry the 400# of rack and gear.