I am sure this has been discussed but want a fresh take. Mapleshade / Timbernation racks?

Get ready to buy a rack want to keep it under 1500 what is the best? I have a old old house and uneven wide pine floors. 

Wood? Mapleshade? Timbernation?

I am also looking at Adona 

any recomendations or advice is welcomed

my system is VPI Prime, McIntosh MA-7000, Gold Ear Triton Ones 

Thank you in advance
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Sound Anchor. new or preowned doesn't matter. durable and it keeps its resale value.

love mine. got it used for a great price. one of the best moves I've ever made. racks do matter.

BTW, no worries about warping or decaying.

good luck.
I am using the Solid Steel S3 series of audio racks.  I highly recommend them.  A five shelf audio rack would run you around 999.00.  I use one for my ultra heavy Mac gear and it also solved an acoustic feedback problem with my turntable.  The racks are made in Italy.  I purchased mine from Music Direct..
For ultimate sound quality I think wood is a mistake. Cancels out a lot of opportunities for isolation and vibration treatment.

Just my opinion.
I like the Salamander Archetype, but I wish that Salamander still made the twin platform (double-wide) Archetype shelf.

Personally, I don’t pay much attention to vibration control except with a turntable and loudspeakers. You don’t want your turntable moving. And you want sand-fillable speaker stands. However, with electronics, the need for vibration control is exaggerated, IMHO

Listeners say they want sound equal to a live concert, but how do they control vibration at a live rock concert? The answer is that they don’t. 
Corian or other solid surface makes excellent shelving for audio racks because it’s so dense and inert. 
I have a TimberNation Rack.  Very good isolation and very solid, at 135 pounds.  I highly recommend their racks and isolation platforms.
I'd check to see if there are any talented carpenters in your area who could build exactly what you want without any compromises.

All the best,
I also like the Salmander Archetype racks - a lot of bang for the buck but they need to be tweaked to get the best sound out of them.

I will add a vote for Timbernation.  The good- great racks, beautiful, solidly built and weigh a ton.  The bad 0 they weigh a ton and need to be shipped from TN.  But they will last forever.

Timbernation is actually in Tyrone Pa. Also it seems from their site they offer free shipping. Being a woodworker myself these are very quality pieces. 
Timber nation built my stereo rack and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Going to have him build some new speaker stands for my new KEF’s LS50. 
Timbetnation racks are very well made and can be customized to your needs. Well worth looking into.