bulk cable purchase

I have a new room configuration and will need to purchase longer cables. I currently have MIT T3 cables mated between my Bryston 3bst and Vandersteen 1c. I would like to set up my stereo in my new house this weekend before company comes over. Does anyone have any opinions on rather I should
1) Buy dirt cheap cable for around a dollar or so per foot and hold out for a really good deal in the a-gon classified ads?
2) Find something new locally for 6-8 per foot, such as Audioquest Type 8 with no intentions of upgrading in the near future (would these be a noticable downgrade of my MIT's?)
3) Any thoughts on using unequal lengths, such as using (1)8' and (1) 15' if I go with bulk cable?
Budget is around $200.00 or so, roughly 15ft lengths.

Thanks for any input!
I'd consider Kimber Kable 4PR as something that would work well for the time being and come in under budget and would represent a great performer!

Go to home depot and pick up some (orange black stripe )power cord cable . Make your own speaker cables.Even if you use bare wire it will be as good as what you can afford to buy for your needs considering length etc.,vs. $200 factory made sp.cables.Check the forums on home depot stuff and get a feel for whats going on...I am using the Orange power cord/cables in my cellar system for virtualy peanuts and it works pretty well..Great bargain for the diy-er
This is sold at Home Depot as 14 gauge outdoor extension cord. A 50-footer will set you back about 20 bucks. It was reviewed in 2004 in The Absolute Sound by Paul Seydor where it more than held its own against some $400-500 cables. I've used it for almost two years, replacing much more expensive speaker wire and power cords, and think it's pretty amazing stuff. Dave