Butler amps?

Any opinions on Butler amps? I am considering a 2250 amp but would like some feedback on the amp. It looks like an interesting tube design with 250 watts per channel.
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Pal, I see you're getting some Starsound speakers. Before I started to consider getting a tube amp I think I'd inquire about the speakers efficiency, its nominal impedence, and its minimum impedence all of which are very important in selecting a good matching tube amp. FWIW. Can't comment of the Butlers as I've never heard of them.
The Butlers have been well-reviewed (see extremely well-written 6moons.com review of TDB 2250), if that matters to you. I have my TDB 5150 coming any day now for my home theater rig.

Re Newbee's points, such matching isn't as critical w/the Butlers due to their high power and hybrid circuit (6SN7 driving a solid-state output stage, in a novel way well beyond my ability to describe).
I gave up when I read how the REVIEWER had some form of tinnitus that the amp cured!!! My gawd a mircle amp!!

Up until then I had interest.

Either his ear malady was caused by sinus problems that cured or, he's full of it. Additional noise will not reduce his problem.

Still the design looks intriguing. The gon-er who posted, please provide follow up and feed back when it arrives.

As a dealer I'll refrain from comment but you might want to check out this site for additional feedback on the Butler amp that SST told you about. I am the dealer that he referred you to regarding the amp.


Does anyone know the corporate or engineering relationship between Butler Amps, and the earlier (late 90's) and very similar Phaze Amps out of Phoenix?
Browsing through the site I saw that they also manufactuere Car tube amps....now that's something new to me.
Loontoon, the reviewer (Srajan Ebaen) does not have tinnitus. The person who has tinnitus is a guy named Louis who wrote in a letter to mr. Ebaen, regarding his Butler amp (TDB 2250). Louis was sharing his experience with his Butler amp with the reviewer and how the amp didn't aggrevate his condition.

On the second page of the review, Mr. Ebaen syas this:

" Louis' hereditary tinnitus really piqued my curiosity since it's not something I suffer from but something I know exists as a hyper sensitivity to certain ultrasonic frequencies in particular listeners. I consider his findings with the Butler amp an important bit of unusual information that might be relevant to others who suffer a similar audiophile fate and go through amp after amp in search of the One who doesn't do that irritating thing most other folks -- including the designers -- can neither hear nor vouch for. "
please think a lot harder before spending that kind of money on just any amp. an 'interesting design' and a 6moons psychodorsement pretty much guarantee lots more questions than answers. this outfit also manufactures 'tube' car stereo(interesting too). there are only hundreds of great products with superb dealer networks that sound wonderful and have a long, long history of reliabity to choose from. make sure any amp makes music you can't live without before the investment.
Usual caveat, listen to it in your system before you buy it. Now that's out of the way, I own the Butler amp in question.

Firstly, it's got lots of grunt so no problem in terms of speaker efficiency.

The 6 moons "psychoendorsement" is pretty accurate in terms of the qualities of the amp. It's got a tube flavour along with the ss qualitites of low end control of the bass frequencies (it's not flabby or loose in the nether regions). Delivers good detail and definition. Really nice delivery of vocals, acoustic music, jazz, etc but it can rock as well. Personally, I tend to listen to the latter alot more these days but I still like to crank up a bit of SRV, ZZ Top, Buddy Guy, Stones (old) etc every now & again.

Hybrid amps are nothing new but the design is certainly interesting. Is it snake oil? Maybe, but it's snake oil that tastes good.

Extremely well built, 5 year warranty and Butler has been in the business for a number of years (yes building car amps among other things).

Personally, I think it's a keeper. I liked the idea of a tube amp which didn't require constant biaising, wondering whether the tubes were degrading (obsessive compulsive audiophool behaviour I know), etc.

I bought it from a local dealer who has been in the audio business for decades. He sells mid to hi end gear, is a tube fanatic and has now put a Butler amp into his personal system.

Oh and the blue glow when you turn the lights off is really trendy too.

Again, it's all subjective, but the Butler amp is definitely worth a listen if you can get a home trial.