Buyer Beware

Audiogon has seen a number of fake accounts trying to rip off members. If you come across an item that seems very low in price and advertised by a brand new member the chances are it is a fake account trying to rip you off. My suggestion is to not attempt to buy from any of these accounts.


They have figured out how to get bogus tracking accounts from USPS, which look like an item was delivered to your house. Until you can prove that nothing was delivered, which can take time, you are out of your money. In some cases, the more that time passes the less likely you can prove this.


I’m not sure why Audiogon can not do a better job of filtering these scammers out but there are a number of ads up now that are most definitely scams.


USPS Postal Money order is NOT a safe option.  Somebody can buy a Post Office Money Order and then much like a Check CANCEL it before it ever reaches the person its going to. The Post office also reports to the IRS if somebody buys around 3K worth of money orders.  Because the Post Office doesnt carry hardly any cash (The Clerks only have $100 in their drawer at the start of each day) its HIGHLY unlikely you can cash the Money Order at the Post office because almost everybody uses a Credit Card these days to pay for their NON Money Order purchases.  So you have to deposit the USPS Money Orders at your banks if they are for large amounts.  The Post Office is Overseen by the US Government in terms of the raising of prices on stamps etc BUT they dont have much else to do with it.  Your Tax Dollars arent Funding the Employees at USPS.  If you think "The Fed" has your back in terms of USPS Postal Money Orders your delusional.   I retired from USPS in 2009

I've noticed many fake ads and most seem to be McIntosh amps. I've actually called them out in the ask the seller a public question section and reported to Audiogon.  Usually it's very obvious however,  once they used previously posted pictures of my ad lol. But as mentioned by a previous post, the prices are too good to be true. 

My original post was specific to purchase not sales. Although, I recognize that sale are a problem.


Too many scammers out there. I keep notifying Audiogon when I see one and they act fast to remove them. I've been told by Audiogon that they're working on improving the security of selling on the site.

Yep and lots of good advice.  I had it happen to me. PayPal ultimately did right, but they sucked to deal with.  Tried to notify them immediately but there is NO One to talk to and they slow walk the whole process.  Agon was very responsive, But they do NOTHING to vet a seller.  Information provided by the seller to Agon - email, phone number, is not confirmed.  Agon has said they are rolling out improvements.  I was advised to contact Agon directly before buying if i had any concerns?  Good to know, but I'd rather they just do more before allowing anyone to sell the first time on their platform.