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I don't get it...Exile on main Street-Blue
@thecarpathian  Thanks. I have better things to do than to read 70+ posts.  
I don't get it...Exile on main Street-Blue
@tylermunn  Are you serious with the sexism comment? So, I have to like all "basketball" but not just the NBA? I personally like male vocals better than female vocals, it's just what I prefer to listen to. I also like dating women and not dating ... 
Terry DeWick has passed
I never had the pleasure of talking to Terry, or having him service my equipment, but I've dealt with his partner Tom Manley and he's a standout guy as well.  
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
My McIntosh XRT-28 speakers. I had pretty good equipment by then, but lower level speakers. I had a chance to get them for a good price and I never looked back. 6'5" of beautiful sound to my ears.   
What to do with a large collection
I buy cds to this day. I have a huge collection and I love it, and most likely I'll never get rid of it. Even though I do rip them and listen on portable devices, every now and again I play them on my system and I enjoy it tremendously. If you don... 
Purchase on Audiogon arrived not as described
I would also file a dispute with me credit card company. Most times they work much faster than PayPal. Also, I never buy from sellers with no feedback, unless it's within driving distance and I can pay and get the item in person.   
New Technics SL-1200GR2
@yogiboy  Thank you! For some reason I thought it was Indonesia. Maybe I confused it with Canon cameras...   
New Technics SL-1200GR2
Does anyone know where the new GR2 is made? I recently read that the G manufacturing was moved from Japan to Indonesia. I own a stock 1200G (I only upgraded the mat) and I absolutely love it.   
UPS Driver Literally Drops Package with New Hana Umami Red
I did deliveries for Amazon and holiday help for UPS for a short amount of time. In both places at training, they always ask you to "treat every package like it's your own." I guess not many of the drivers follow that rule.   
Bad news for home theater enthusiasts
@nonoise You hit the nail on the head. Cable Internet infrastructure is the main problem in the United States. Most cable companies operate on physical cables that are 40+ years old and just cannot deliver higher speed Internet. It should have ... 
You've run some pretty fancy MC's, but the _______ MM cartridge really impressed me
Ortofon 2m Black did it for me.  
Stereo or monoblocks
I have a C2300 that I'm running with MC601 mono blocks. I had an MC352 before, and the difference is there but it's not day and night. Like someone else said - it's very subtle. The reason I upgraded other than that subtle difference, is the desig... 
Beatles vs. Stones
Depending what days of the week it is... Both are great and I love both.  
Upgrade to McIntosh
@jeffreyw  I second what you said. I'm running a C2300 with MC601's and I get wonderful, warm tube sound with lots of bass. I also have an MC275 in my system and I can switch between the 601's and the 275, and the difference between the SS amps a... 
Do You Play Or Save Your Best Cartridges
If I have it, I use it. If I love it, I'll buy another one to replace the current one when it's done.