Buying online, online searches and Scams oh my!


I was looking for a source for Type 50 tubes (used, new) and came across PSVANE WR50 new mfr.

I've used PSVANE EL34 tubes in a PP NFB amp, they're not that awful, were a set of cheap backups and an early learning experience.

I’ve read several articles on PSVANE tubes (good, bad, ugly), that’s NOT the discussion here (puh-leeze) but in my searching I came across this website as the 18th or 20th link:

I had a friend once who was a purchasing agent, buying/selling overstock, warehouse sales, out-of-business/bankruptcy sales brokering deals at ridiculous prices ("ten thousand cans of blueberries at a profit of 10 cents a can for me adds up to a Corvette in my garage," he once said) so I wasn't surprised to see a set of tubes selling for $400 elsewhere ($320 best price on Aliexpress) for $77 a PAIR here.

I had a similar experience recently with looking for Hashimoto OPTs - too good to be true, I mean and I didn't buy from them - so I dug deeper.

The address given is on a corner lot farm property in northern Wisconsin somewhere. Not unreasonable as in modern-day e-commerce one can work out of their car or under a beach umbrella with the right tech.

A search on "WHOIS" shows the group is registered in California (Godaddy, same as I use), but ultimate ownership seems to be someone in Singapore.

That's Singapore SE Asia, not Singapore Wisconsin.

I tried sending email but the link was broken as were most of the other info/FAQ links.

I use BRAVE browser so no malware or other nasties got loaded onto my iPad.

While this sure is tempting, it isn't blueberries and no telling what I might get, paypal/bank accounts hacked and drained, a box of broken glass and metal, no box at all.


Just FYI and wondering if anyone has come across this site or has had similar experiences?

This "New World Disorder" is fascinating.



I might go to the second page when I'm searching for information about something but would never send money to an obscure website to purchase something that seems too good to be true. Not tempting at all.

"ten thousand cans of blueberries at a profit of 10 cents a can for me adds up to a Corvette in my garage,"   Where can you buy Corvette for $1000 🤣

Maybe at the same site where you buy the blueberries?

OP, thanks for posting, yes, scams are too common these days. I appreciate your post to warn the good hearted, honest folks out there that not everyone is like them. And we sure need more honest people in the world!

Unfortunate that your post became popular for your blueberry example, hopefully most will understand the point you were making. 

Thanks again!