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Let the best be your guide
I can enjoy music on the car radio or whatever mediocre source. But in my system at home I want everything to sound as good as possible.For subpar recordings I'll choose to "color" them via eq.After listening to live music as a teen I began to thi... 
My First Stereo. What Was Yours?
My very first system as a teen was a Sony cassette deck that included a set of bookshelf speakers. My dad made a little cabinet for i.The player sat on top with shelving underneath for tapes.I recorded albums with the included microphone onto cass... 
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
@audiorusty having the EQ nearby would be ideal but not practical to have them running across the floor. Drilling down and running them underneath would be an option.Something to think about:-)  
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
Yes indeed. I ordered via Reverb from a shop here in my state- Viking King Audio and it was delivered the next day. It's industrial looking since it's not designed to be aesthetically appealing for the audiophile market but it will look fine when ... 
20 Years?
Audiomart, sending away to companies for brochures:-) I've been here for 24years, though the site has knocked off 10years on my profile. Happy Anniversary!      
for Technics SU-R1000 owners....unit already discontinued? where to service?
+1 @gkelly  And he he is using that newfangled Internet thingy  
Flexible Power Cords
Cullen,Triode Wire Lab,Audio Envy, WireWorld, JPS Wire Labs.are all flexible and good quality.  
Has anyone heard from bdp24 lately?
Glad you're back too!I always read your stories though seldom post here:-)  
Suggested Power Cable for Streamer
I like Triode Wire Labs power cords for digital components. Like what was mentioned earlier they just seem relaxed and smooth without losing detail. I'm a fan of Voodoo cables but haven't tried their pcs,only ics,digital, and speaker cables.  
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
If you could find somewhere to listen to Klipsch Heritage or JBL either of those might have the sound you're looking for. The Voltis (I've never heard them) are worth a look.I'm a Zu owner and in my opinion they definitely have "the sound",very mu... 
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
This is a precise link for the diagrams.I believe the first one asked for visitors to start an account.https://www.ranecommercial.com/kb_article.php?article=2107 API select  SR24 is the one I'm trying out.Anyway I am saving that link to pass on i... 
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
Just a quick update - I managed to find an output cable XLR to RCA that works perfectly. Just a cheapo from BlueJean Cables.The way it's wired is pin 1 to ground, pin 2 to signal, pin 3 floating(unconnected). Being pretty ignorant about electrical... 
A good cd transport for my Chord HugoTT2 DAC with Chord M-Scaler
I've owned Rotel,Vincent, Cambridge CXC,and at present a Jays Audio. The Jays was a huge upgrade in SQ.Huge.I was considering the Audiolab until I saw a used Jays at a good price and took a chance.I thought the CXC was good enough but when the dra... 
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
Thanks tlcocks!The adapters were pin 1and 2 together for signal pin 3 for ground.I did look for Mogami but couldn't locate one.I settled for Monoprice. I'll search harder I guess knowing they exist, lol.I don't want to add a box.More connections a... 
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
@tlcocks if I can manage to successfully convert from XLR to RCA (preamp) I'm going to go for a pro model parametric eq.After installing an XLR from the dac to the Lokius and realizing a surprising upgrade in SQ I've been experimenting with XLR to...