C2200 HT pass through

Hi all,
Does anyone know if the C2200's HT pass through works in conjunction with any type of receiver/processor or does it require a McIntosh model? I'm working on improving my 2-channel rig but until I get the dough for speakers my system will have to do some sharing. I don't forsee upgrading the HT so I'm hoping to use a receiver's pre-amp outputs to the C2200. If that works, the system will be connected to an MC202 and a set of front speakers that will be used for both 2-channel listening and HT, at least for a while.
Thank for the input
I used the C2200 with my Classe SSP-60 Surround Processor. It worked great. What you need to do is to use one of the DC triggers from your surround receiver into the C2200's bypass trigger input. That way everytime you power the surround receiver on, the C2200 turns on and switches to the appropriate input. At least that's the way I remember using it. Hope this helps!
The pass through on the C2200 requires a 12V trigger signal sent through a microphone type cable w/ a 1/8" stereo plug to be activated. Most processors probably have this capability (same as trigger signals to amps) so the processor can be any make.