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rel with monoblocks
Hooked positive to each amp and ground to preamp chasis with a storm 3, worked fine, 
Your Wish List for Reissue on Vinyl
Thanks for the heads up Mofi. Where did you get it? 
Your Wish List for Reissue on Vinyl
Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road - don't think has ever been available on vinyl 
Another sign SACD is dying
On 'Hardball' last night Chris interviewed a representative of the Christian music industry who claimed that the genre accounted for 6% of total music sales. Which he stated was greater than the total for classical and jazz sales combined. I don't... 
Teres 265 or 320 vs. Sota Cosmos
Raul is your comment about the low frequency extension of Doug's speakers?? (your current subwoofer thread). Never the less his system sure looks great to me. 
Another sign SACD is dying
I gave SACD a try a few years ago and Best Buy was about the only store in my area (Knoxville, TN) that made any effort to stock the discs. The big music stores, chain and independent, acted as if they never heard of SACD. While I would almost rat... 
Blues "must have, top 100" list?
Bobby Bland - Two Steps From the BluesBB King - Live At The RegalFenton Robison - Somebody Loan Me A DimeOtis Spann - Walking The BluesOtis Rush - Right Place, Wrong TimeChampion Jack Dupree - Blues From The GutterBig Joe Turner - Boss Of The Blue... 
Mcintosh mvp 841 & CD-R?
Thanks for the responses guys. The manual states that CD-R's have a different color reflective layer from manufactured discs and MAY not play. I was just hoping that someone has tried variuos brands of disks and found one that works. Anyone else? 
How Big is Your Music Collection
Approx. 1500 LP, 1000 CD, 14 SACD (gave away player but about half of them are hybrid), 9 DVDA & a few boxes full of old cassetes & 8-tracks. 
Wiring a McIntosh dual-purpose system
Just happen to have a C2200 & MAC3. It took me a while to figure it out also, hope it helped. 
Wiring a McIntosh dual-purpose system
Front L & R pre-outs from C2200 to 2 channels on MC206, Front L & R pre-outs on MAC3 to input on c2200 designated in C2200 setup as passthru, Center & rear pre-outs on MAC3 to 3 channels on MC206, 12 volt trigger from power control out... 
Best Neil Young Album?
Kind of suprised by the popularity of 'Hawks & Doves'. I enjoy the side of old songs that never made it on previous ablums (except maybe the silly voices on 'Lost in Space') but the side with 'Union Man' was the beginning of his '80s slide for... 
Best Neil Young Album?
Tie between 'After The Goldrush' & 'Rust Never Sleeps'.Followed by 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere', 'Tonight's The Night', 'Comes A Time', 'Ragged Glory', 'On The Beach','Zuma', 'Freedom', 'Sleeps With Angels' & 'Harvest'.At least that's... 
Mac 252, 353, 402?
Efner, I have a new C2200 also and got a 275. Planning to add another 275 and run as monos. For only a couple hundred more than a 2102 a pair of 275's seems like a lot more bang for the buck. 
C2200 HT pass through
The pass through on the C2200 requires a 12V trigger signal sent through a microphone type cable w/ a 1/8" stereo plug to be activated. Most processors probably have this capability (same as trigger signals to amps) so the processor can be any make.