CA: Central Coast - San Luis Obispo County

Helloooo...anyone else around? I'm having a stereo party for one. Would love to find some local SLO/Central Coast folks.
Just spotted your posting. I'm in S.L.O. County. We should check for interest in a Central Coast Audio club! Or at least have a listen to each others' systems. . .

Dude, your timing is uncanny. We are just now starting such a club! For all interested, first meeting is @ Players Pizza in Atascadero, Jan 31 @ 6pm. Give me your email address and I'll send you a flyer and get you on the list!
have you had any further interest (people) in the idea of a club or group since your meeting in Atascadero?

Yes. Check the website for info.
Only two meetings so far. Very nice group of guys.
SBC - club has gained more traction then we thought possible, so early into the game. Lots of guys have the bug! It's going to be great networking.

This Sunday's meeting is hosted by a speaker cabinet maker that works for a few famous companies, I understand.
Long overdue update. We have been a club for over 2 years now and 50+ members strong. See if you are in our area and interested.