Cable advice; cjMV55 w/ Silverline Sona

I am looking for cabling advice. System: cj MV55 driving Silverline Sonata's. Source Pioneer DVD626 Zen amp driving Silverline R-12's Center Channel ??maybe Lab 47, driving AR 18b's or Shahinians. I am starting out with DH Labs, have Nordost Blue Heavens, Nordost Magic 1, and Synergistic Alpha. DH Labs T-14 speaker wire. would appreciate any feedback.
i have sonatina's.afte using dragon flys. i tris the proffessional nbs from my main system & got a much smoother, fuller faster sound.
I really could not make out your message, please resend a fuller description. thanks, Mike
you may want to call me at (949)362-6080 for expert cable advice. I've been throu all the top brands. brian