Cable advice needed

Hi Audiogon Community:
I'm switching out my rca cables for xlr. Which IC's do you recommend going from CD Player to Preamp and Preamp to Amp.

The  IC's xlr I own are:
Purist Audio Design Venustas Praesto Rev &
Purist Audio Design Proteus Rev A

My system :
Ayre Acoustics CX-7eMP
Belles Aria preamp
Maker Audio G7 Amp
Tyler Dx2 speakers

Thanx so much for your advice
My experience different,source to pre amp which is in line with the philosophy of Dr.Ono.


Also see the lending library at   THECABLECOMPANY.COM

Try several cables at a time to compare. 

Also you might try a power cord designed for amplifiers on your preamp.