Ancient Cable Experts Please Help.

I have been schlepping around a circa 1986 pair of Monster Cable M-1 and M-1000 cables for years. They were very pricey in their day and have sounded fine to me in a variety of systems, mainly with a Jadis Pre amp and an Aragon 4004. Does anyone know this cable? Some people have said this was a pre MIT, Brisson designed high end cable and others have suggested I am hopelessly out of date and desperate for an upgrade.
Hi Audiozpf, I won't comment on how they sounded new, since you say you liked them, but I recently helped someone put a new system together and they had some of the speaker cable you refer to in their old system. When we listened to it in the new one the sound was not only poor but quite distorted - I presume because the copper conductors had oxidised badly. This is perhaps the most important reason why you should listen to some new cables, but I also reckon you will get much better resloution with a more modern cable anyway.
I concur with Redkiwi about the possible conductor oxidization. (Now the part where the ANCIENT CABLE EXPERT part of your post applies!) My own experience with some of the early Monster speaker cables is that the oxidization can be limited to a few inches near the terminations and a quick remedy is to cut-back and re-terminate if you want to continue using these cables (??). But agree that you should try and listen to some more modern cable. Have fun! Richard at
Richard's and Redkiwi's thoughts are the same as mine. I had the old M-1000 interconnect, and after a few years the sound had degraded because of breakdown in the solder they used and oxidation in that area. This problem may have been limited to the earlier runs of the interconnect, as I recall reading something about that in Stereophile years ago. You could reterminate, probably, but while not all new cable designs are necessarily improvements, I think there are a good number of substantially better cables out there now, and your preamp will definitely let you hear the differences. Ultimately, let your ears be the judge.
Avoid ANYTHING with Monster's name on it. It is not good stuff. After a few years, solder will not stiff to it.
STICK, the word was supposed to be stick, not stiff. This is what happens when one becomes an ancient cable expert. The mind is the second thing to go. I forgot what the first was.
Even if working at their optimum, the Monster cable designs of that time were all high capacitance, and so had limited high frequency extension and a "congested" sound character. A strong "sell" recommendation, and upgrade your cables with a more contemporary design; you can't lose.
WOW ! Did not know all this. Is there a guideline average life for cables ? Do I need to change / re-evaluate my cables bought in '94 ?
Ikarus, in theory there should not be an average life for cables, they should perform well indefinitely, some types depending on conductor materials, etc can actually improve over the years. If there is any life limitaion it is likely to stem from problems with insulation materials, terminations, etc. However with some earlier stranded types there can be corrosion problems but again these can be minimised if the cables are looked after well enough. The only reason you should change/re-evaluate your cables is either if you listen with other cable types in your system that improve on your old ones or you get the dreaded "audio-itis" fever at regular periods which causes one to break out in a sweat and run into audio stores clutching your wallet shouting "help yourself"...!! Enjoy the music and seasons greetings to all, Richard at