Cable recomendation

I currently have a pair of Hales Concept Fives driven by a Krell KSA 250 and a Monarchy DAC. The Fives are similart to the larger Thiels in design, although not as bright. I would like to experiment with some cables and interconnects. Recommendations would be appreciated.
depending on how much money you want to spend, the harmonic tech cables would work well in your system. I am a dealer for this product and other cable lines. my e-mail is and my website is
i agree with the first choice. there is an internet site at that will let you try out harmonic tech. cables or interconnects for 2 weeks that are already burned-in. wen-li is the gentleman's name that runs the site and he is great.i recently switched interconnects from cardas golden cross's to harmonic tech pro silway mkII and love them. i use audio tekne speaker cables that are superb,however. i have arc gear,vt100 and ls15 with sony scd-1 and aliante model one speakers.
I've changed recently from Audio Magid to STEALTH speaker cables, and was amazed by the improvement. And affordable! Email me for more information, and I'll put you in touch with their maker, who can advise on a particular model.
I have a Krell KAV-250a, and I just love this thing!! I can't say enough about MIT 330 Shotgun interconnects, used with silver speaker cable like AudioTruth Dragon+, or even Music Metre "Silver". Nordost Red Dawn or SPM might be similar or better than the Music Metre, BUT WILL BE LEAN COMPARED TO THE DRAGON. I've tried my best to "sleigh the Dragon", but nothing is better for less. I GOT MINE USED FOR ULTRA CHEAP!! I don't have metal coned speakers, but I do have Maggies, as well as Dynaudio. The MIT 330 even sounds best with my headphones, and I've compared it to two different $2000+ interconnects for long periods in my system, AND IT BEAT THEM SENSELESS EVERY TIME, ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER INTERCONNECT OUT THERE!!