Cables for B&W Nautilus 802

I just purchased a pair of 802's I love the sound of the speakers but with some of my music they sound a bit brite.I am looking for a cable to tone this down.
Athem D1 pre/pro and Moon Aurora amp with Stright Wire Rhythm cables bi-wire.
Any other tips or tweaks to offer I would be thankful

I owned a pr.of B&W CDM-1NT a few years ago and they definitely preferred copper. Silver always made them sound a bit tipped-up and bright. AZ Satori is a good safe choice. I actually preferred the Stealth Premier copper to the Satori, but when I later went with another monitor, the Rauna Tyr II, the Satori was the better match. Your electronics play a crucial role as well.
Cables aren't tone controls. Try positioning your speakers away from the walls and putting room treatments on the first reflection points.
replace your interconnects from your anthem to your amp with about a 30 foot run of elcheapo balanced lines( about 50 dollars should do it).Just buy mic cable from a music shop.
I will bet 20-1 odds your problem will be greatly reduced if not cured altogether.I just went through the same thing and discovered this accidently.I had been rearranging my setup and put these elcheapo wires in temporarily as I moved the component rack farther away.
It totally cured my system.For 50 bucks it is worth a try.let me know if it works for you too.I also have the anthem D1,b+ws,denon 3910 and a moon eclipse.
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Actually from what I have seen, you make it your interest to always bash B&W and no other brand. What happened, did B&W steal your business? They can't possibly be the only bad speaker created in the entire world. Funny how you single them out consistently and singularly.