Cables for B&W Nautilus 802

I just purchased a pair of 802's I love the sound of the speakers but with some of my music they sound a bit brite.I am looking for a cable to tone this down.
Athem D1 pre/pro and Moon Aurora amp with Stright Wire Rhythm cables bi-wire.
Any other tips or tweaks to offer I would be thankful

You're experiencing the B&W "sound". There are no cables to deal with this. Sorry.
AZ Satori. I used to bi-wire my N802's with Satori on top and Hologram on bottom, excellent sounding.
Louis, I have N801s and use Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects and PS Audio Xtreme Biwire speaker cables with good results. Nordost Blue Heaven Biwire speaker cables should work as well. I suggest you contact Steve at the Cable Company. He's very helpful and they have a cable loaner service. Good Sounds, Bill
I only wish Judy426 had enlightened me years ago. I've owned a few of their speakers over the years, including my current Nautilus 800 Signatures, and have been mistakenly enjoying them immensely. Oh well, perhaps Judy426 will let me know what speakers I need to purchase to enjoy my music once again.
To seriously answer your concern, I've used AZ Satori and think they are an excellent recommendation. I currently use Audiotruth Clear cables for the highs and Midnights for the lows. I love the combination.
Happy listening,
I post a similar thread a while back. I would look into power conditioning, room acoustics first. If those are adequately addressed ( or can't be changed) , then i would change cables.

THere are no perfect speakers.
Forget Judy426. In these circles Judy426 is a well known B&W basher and at every chance always bad mouths them. You say you just prchased a pair, well now you have to give them time to break in. They are going to need a few hundred hours and the advice you got from everybody above except Judy of course are guys that know certain cables can help. Likecap is really helping you out here by telling you about Steve at the Cable Company, and I have used Audioquest and PS Audio among others with great results. I'm now using Extreme Statement Bi-wire 8 foot pair by PS Audio and love it. You can find this cable on Ebay and here on Audiogon for under $300.00 and well worth what was once $1100.00 now for under $300.00 Make sure what ever cable you get that you give the cable at least a week of 24/7 even at low volume before you really listen. I bought my N802's last year and wouldn't dream of selling them. Good luck in your search for your proper cable. Uriah

I am going to throw one more at you. Synergistic Research Signature 10 bi-wire. These are what I use with my N803.

Good luck in your search.

I prefer "truth sayer" not basher as my position accurately reflects that of which I speak. Unlike the owners of these sonic dogs, I have no interest other than to offer an honest and candid appraisal.
Thank all of you for your replies and comments.I will take the advice and talk to guys at the Cable company.All of you have been a lot of help.

Happy Holidays to all
Judy wouldn't know truth or honesty if he or she whatever Judy is was standing on it. This is based on reading a lot of Judy's answer's on this site. To call a pair of B&W N802's a pair of sonic dogs just shows what kind of intellect we are dealing with here.
This may not be of much help, but who knows. I'm using the Acoustic Zen bi-wired on the new 803d's. Amp is the Cal Audio MCA 500. Switched from the Audioquest Gibralters which I had on an older system with 805n's. My room is very bright and the Gib's just didn't cut it. Way to lean with the 803d. The Zens really smoothed things out without losing detail. Soundstage is fantastic and base is nice and tight. On top of that, they are much cheaper than the Gib's and many others. I demo'd a ton of much more expensive cables and was most happy with these. There may be better, but this combo sounds great in my room with my gear.
>>just shows what kind of intellect we are dealing with here.<<

I think personal insults are out of place don't you?However readers should know that, as an owner, your comments are quite slanted. One need only to look at all of the B&W speakers (hundreds actually) for sale on Audiogon to see that many sellers have realized what I say is true. Do they have an "intellect" issue as well? I suggest you rethink your position and/or go listen to some real speakers and stop drinking the kool aid.
Can't we just get along. As always the true value of any speaker is in the ears of the beholder. Just remember that for every gorgeous woman out there, there is some guy out there that is tired of _____ her. As for the N802's being on the brite side...I have noticed a significant difference when replacing front end gear & amps. I use all Transparent cables:Reference MM Balanced interconnects, Reference Digital AES/EBU 110 Ohm to Transport and Ultra MM Speaker Cables and have been very happy with the results IMHO.
Problem is, Judy426 singles out B&W as "sonic dogs". She never criticizes any other brand of speaker. So either 1) every other speaker out there is perfect or 2) she has some axe to grind.
I'd vote for #2.
I owned some 804Ns, cherry veneer, and felt they were superb in every way imaginable ... design appeal, construction, and sound. I never felt cheated by the bass, as some did, nor did they strike me as too forward. I used a small class-A Musical Fidelity 20-watter amp and then switched to a Classé CAP101. They sounded better with the MF, but there you go. I did sell them after 18 months or so solely because they would only come to life with some watts, which means that I didn't enjoy them at lower volumes, such as soft music for early Sunday morning paper/coffee. I switched to Tyler Taylo Refs and found that I could smile happily at low volumes. The B&Ws, though, were worth the money to me.
Cdc, No axe to grind. I simply prefer speakers that reproduce music without listening fatigue. There was a B&W speaker that I could tolerate. I believe it was the Silver Signature. Must have been the late 90's that I heard it but the price was around 8K if I'm not mistaken. As "good" as it was, at that price there were (are) a dozen speakers that sound just as fine at much lower prices.
BTW, what make and model of speakers do you own? Wouldn't be Bow and Wow would it?
Well Judy, I get 87 in the classifieds for sale (not hundreds as you say) of the world famous B&W Speakers for sale, probably most people looking to upgrade to the more expensive model and 37 members looking for certain models of B&W speakers in the wanted section. WOW, 37 member's looking for B&W. Now tell us the brand you listen to and let's see if there's 37 member's looking for yours? It's too bad you just don't get it.
Problem is, Judy426 singles out B&W as "sonic dogs". She never criticizes any other brand of speaker. So either 1) every other speaker out there is perfect or 2) she has some axe to grind.
I'd vote for #2.
Cdc is absolutely dead on correct. I would much rather get advice from Cdc as here is someone who knows what they are talking about.
Aw shucks, Uriah I think my face is turning red.
My advice is to get James Brown "Universal James". Listening to it now. That guy is craaaaazzzzzyyy!!!
AZ Satori. I've tried more expensive wire. B&W's manual says use lots of copper and I have to agree.
I owned a pr.of B&W CDM-1NT a few years ago and they definitely preferred copper. Silver always made them sound a bit tipped-up and bright. AZ Satori is a good safe choice. I actually preferred the Stealth Premier copper to the Satori, but when I later went with another monitor, the Rauna Tyr II, the Satori was the better match. Your electronics play a crucial role as well.
"I prefer 'truth sayer' not basher as my position accurately reflects that of which I speak. Unlike the owners of these sonic dogs, I have no interest other than to offer an honest and candid appraisal."

Actually from what I have seen, you make it your interest to always bash B&W and no other brand. What happened, did B&W steal your business? They can't possibly be the only bad speaker created in the entire world. Funny how you single them out consistently and singularly.
Cables aren't tone controls. Try positioning your speakers away from the walls and putting room treatments on the first reflection points.
replace your interconnects from your anthem to your amp with about a 30 foot run of elcheapo balanced lines( about 50 dollars should do it).Just buy mic cable from a music shop.
I will bet 20-1 odds your problem will be greatly reduced if not cured altogether.I just went through the same thing and discovered this accidently.I had been rearranging my setup and put these elcheapo wires in temporarily as I moved the component rack farther away.
It totally cured my system.For 50 bucks it is worth a try.let me know if it works for you too.I also have the anthem D1,b+ws,denon 3910 and a moon eclipse.