Cables for Classe/SF Concerto?

I have a Classe integrated (CAP150), Sonus Faber Concerto speakers and Toshiba DVD/CD player with HDCD (I want to upgrade this eventually but don't have the money right now). My cables are MIT Terminator 2 speaker cables and MIT MI-330 interconnects. The sound seems slightly rolled off at the high end, soundstage and imaging is just OK. I'd like to try different cables to see if I could get a better overall presentation but there are so many choices I don't know where to begin. I'd appreciate any advice you may have as to which cables to audition that may help "open up" the sound (particularly the high end) and improve imaging. Thanks for your help.
Hi Milo, I had the MIT 330's and upgraded to the 330 shotguns and the difference was significant. The sound seemed to really open up and the imaging improved alot, wider soundstage with more air. They are not cheap but you can find some at this site pretty reasonable. Good luck.
Milo. I had a pair of SF Concertos but since upgraded to Vienna Acoustic Beethovens. I used the Concertos with Analysis Plus Oval 9's through a Proceed Amp2 with great results. However, you may want to try and reposition the speakers in the room in different ways. The Concertos can throw a wide and deep soundstage but it will depend more on where they are placed in the room than what cables you are using, IMHO. Good Luck.
Michaela is right about speker placement. I use Sonus Faber and Classe and found that MIT is the best.