cables for Sonus Faber Musica

I need some help. I recently purchased a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri speakers and a Musica amp through Audiogon. I now need to buy some speaker cables and don't know that much about them. One of my speakers is about 20 feet from my amp, the other about 10. What do I do? My room conditions do not allow me to rearrange my room.
I've had great success for Transparent Audio cable with Sonus Faber. I would recommend the Super or Ultra for your speakers. Infact in the transparent audio brochure they actually have a picture of a Guarneri hooked up to transparent
Hi, one thing I can tell you is try to keep left/right speaker cable same length (doesn't matter where you put your amp) that is first and most important thing. I have noidea how much you want to spend so I guess I recommend the MIT T2 to start with (have fun), T2 does good job @ this leaning budget price level for my friend's Sonus Faber! Happy new year! Rute. [P.S. If you can put your amp in the middle it will help both lower price/better performance (shorter cable)]