cables for Spectral equipment

I recently purchased a Spectral DMC-20 Series II preamp to drive my DMA-200. Spectral recommends using only MIT cables with their equipment. Is MIT the only way to go or are there other viable choices for interconnects and speaker cables when using Spectral gear. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am somewhat of a neophyte when it comes to cables.
Spectral only recommends using MIT cables with their equipment and you have little other choices. If you elect to use other cables, you are taking a risk in terms of sound quality and other factors. To be honest, I decided not to buy Spectral since I do not like audio equipment that is designed to be matched to a single cable. On the other hand, there are many people using Spectral and MIT together that claim it is the best sounding ever. I suggest you use MIT cables as they recommend and forget it. cheers.....
Billspecfoc, I am afraid that I disagree with Hgeifman and the good folks at Spectral. Here's why: Your system, room, personal tastes and other factors will dictate what cables sound the best to YOU!! You bought it, and you should enjoy it!! Maybe MIT's will make Spectral gear sound fabulous to the testers at the factory in their listening room,etc.blah blah, but that same exact setup WILL sound different to you in your listening room and maybe in your room it could sound bright or dull compared to how it sounds at the Spectral Factory. It could, even possibly sound EXACTLY the same as it does at Spectral, but maybe you don't like it that way! There are lots of cable options out there and I say "check them out"!! My favorite is not one of the "household name" brands (yet!) it is:LIVE interconnects and Black Passion Speaker cables from a new company called: Z-cables. If you are interested, I will look up the phone number for the gentleman who is "da boss" at Z-cable and he will probably let you try a pair in your home! If not, there is The Cable Co. and, I am sure, other similar companies that will let you try their products, risk free in your own system. But again, I say buy what YOU LIKE!!! Good luck!!! dr.goodtunes
While the gentleman above has a great philosophy, it may be that Spectral recs the MITs because there's a possibility of ruining the equipment (expensive at that) if using other cable designs. This is according to a guy who owns and sells both Spectral and MIT. He mentioned that the MITs are engineered to handle the loads that Spectrals dish out. Sorry this is vague and second-hand, but the impression was an important one, i believe. Call Progressive Audio at 614-299-0565 for the beef.