Cabling for First 2.0 System

In my HT days, I used AR, Monster, and even (ghasp!) Radio Shack Gold cabling to string together my components.

However, with my first pieces of kit on the way for a dedicated 2.0 system, I wonder which modestly-priced cabling would work best for a system described below.

Any advice would be appreciated!


Audio Refinement Complete Integrated Amplifier

Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature Monitors

Channel Islands DAC & External Power Supply

HTPC w/ or w/o Lynx22 sound card (separate on board CD-R/W and DVD-R/W drives)

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3200HD STB
A great cable and a great buy reside in Isreal Blume's Coincident CST ic. At 299.00USD a miter retail they are hard to beat for overall excellence in Hifi values. I have them in my tube system with the likes of Atma-Sphere and Aesthetix and imo they do little harm to my music. They are very neutral and are not a cable to attenuate or "fix" a system problem as many cables are used for. The one down side to these wires is they take 200+ hours to break in (no kidding). Read what is said about how they compare and you might be surprised:
You can also order several different cables at the same time from the Cable Company. Very cost effective way to compare many cables at the same time. You do pay 5% of the cost plus shipping. The 5% is not refundable but is applied as a "store credit". No affiliation with them, but I am a satisfied customer.