Cal Audio CL-10 and Theta GenVa - - - TLC?

Looking for opinions as to level of improvement that could be expected by adding a Theta TLC to the above system. I know it is an inexpensive tweak, but do not want to end up with an extra piece of equipment and coax cables if the addition will not make a noticable difference. I have talked with a few people, and get answers ranging from "dramatic" to "maybe slight" improvement. Would appreciate input.

There are 1,000 other applications for your dilemma --all audio related. How much improvement for this?/ that? If 10 people respond;you may have to just go with the majority.i.e. whom would you believe?

Ok,I do have the 5a;I had mine upgraded to 24/96--I also use the Purcell 'tween my Data3. I also use the 1k Syn.Research digital links(2 of them).W/active X

All these things I did one at a time over the 8/9 years since I got my plain 5.I would say the TLC is a nice little tweek. I however would hate to down-grade to just that. --Another way of saying--in this hobby you can really go crazzzzy--like me,or hem & haw over this TLC dilemma.Your choice.
I own the DSPro Basic IIIa with a Pearl transport, and have found the Monarchy Audio DIP 24/96 jitter-reduction box to offer enough of a worthwhile improvement to invest in the extra digital cable as well (ya gotta go RCA into the DIP, but you can go XLR out). The original DIP was measured by Paul Miller as having better technical performance than the TLC, for whatever that's worth (I haven't tried or heard the TLC myself - link at Monarchy's website). About an equal improvement was derived from then powering the whole shebang, digitally speaking, with balanced AC (from an API Power Wedge Ultra - the balanced feature can be defeated, and it turns out to make the biggest difference anywhere in the system on the digital front end). There are a few archived posts about the DIP, where I and others go into more extensive detail about what we did or didn't like with this tweak.
I have a total of 6 Theta TLCs in two different systems. In one system I have four in series followed by a Monarchy DIP and then an Assemblage UJB-1. The DAC I am using in that system is a Theta Pro Basic IIIA. I would recommend that you do not skimp on digital cables and 75 ohm connectors. I modified one of my first TLCs with 75 ohm BNC connectors and DH Labs D-75 cable. The improvement in sound was as great as adding a TLC. IMHO an even bigger improvement in the quality of sound is when I eliminated the BNC connectors and soldered Illuminati Ohm-Aha 75 ohm cable directly to the circuit boards! The Theta Pro Basic IIIA now sounds fantastic. Soundstage is clear and deep with natural sounding cymbals. Music is very natural sounding, relaxed and transparent.

Two things concerning the TLC:

1) The Coax connections have a common ground, so if you go in Coax and out Coax the Jitter will increase about 600%. If you go in Optical and out Coax Jitter drops by 82%.

2) The TLC works great in my system, but twice as nice with the 9v TLC Power Supply Upgrade!
I rechecked the test data on the TLC when hooked up Coax in and Coax out and found that the amount of increased Jitter is 16% and not 600% which was the amount of increased Jitter associated with the AA DTI+ when hooked up in this manner.