California Audiophile Society: Riverside, Ca.

Hi everyone,

Once again we are starting up our "old" club--the California Audiophile Society (CAS). The club is being restarted by our founding club President--Jeff Parks. For those who don't know who Jeff Parks is…, he is long time audiophile going back to his teen years in the late 70’s. Currently Jeff writes as a high end audio reviewer for Positive-Feedback online. For our first meeting we will be visiting Jeff's home where we will get to listen to his reference system. Jeff has completely revamped his reference system into something truly special.

We will also be inviting a very special guest to give a presentation for our first inaugural event. More on that later.... For our first meeting we are going to do a digital shoot out with the Marantz SA-7s1 v. Cary Audio 303T Professional v Jeff's highly modified Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 SE+ (all work done by Part Connexion). WE also welcome anyone who wants to bring a SACD or CDP for the shoot out to see how your player measures up. All we ask is that you let us know in advance as to what you are bringing to show.

For those of you who don't know anything about our club in its heyday (2000-2009) we were a group of audiophiles who host meetings at our homes, visit retailers and manufacturers, and most importantly discuss all things high end audio and music.

We also book group trips to CES, RMAF, and T.H. E. Show in Newport Beach, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Our club comes from all perspectives of the audiophile community, from manufacturers, retailers, tube and solid state people, analog and digital, to DYI. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Each September it is our yearly barbeque that takes the cake--literally! That is where we spend almost all of our yearly dues to throw one hell of a party. Dues are $40.00 per year.


Please RSVP by emailing Jeff Parks @ blissaudio at this very website.

We look forward to seeing all of our old friends along with some new ones.


California Audiophile Society (CAS)

CAS is a group of audiophiles and music enthusiasts serving the Inland Empire of Southern California. Monthly meetings are scheduled at or around the 15th of each month. Dues are $40.00 per year which includes all meetings and our annual barbeque.

Meetings are hosted at member homes, local retailers, and high end audio manufacturing plants. We also take yearly group trips to CES, T.H.E. Show (Both Las Vegas and Newport Beach California), and RMAF in Denver, Colorado. All are most welcome from neophyte to hard core veterans of high end audio.

Contact Information:

Jeff Parks—membership Chairman
Website: Coming soon
(951) 746-2926

Information regarding our inaugural August meeting. It has been postponed to September 17 @ 1:00PM to 5:00PM due to Jeff’s system is still in flux. As many of you know, one thing can lead to another regarding changes and upgrades to one’s system. Jeff’s system is getting a complete make over.

Here is the gear you will be listening to in September which I hope will be well worth the wait.

Speakers: A custom pair of Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature IIs. These speakers use all SEAS (Millinum Tweeter, and Excel mid/bass woofer and Excel woofers), top of the line caps, resistors, and coils from Mundorf, and Goertz. Speakers are being custom wired up with Audience top-of-the Auric hook up wire which is the same wire the used for Audience’s famed Au-24e cables, topped off with two sets for each speaker of Next Gen WBT binding posts. Finish will be glorious Bird’s Eye Maple.

Pre-amp and Phono Stage: A fully upgraded tube based Audio Horizons AH 2.13 preamp, and phono stage using CuTF V-Caps. The preamp and phono stage have been updated with over $2500.00 in upgrades since Jeff’s last review in PFO in Issue 50 July/August 2010. Upgrades include: New wiring harnesses, upgraded transformers, V-Caps, DaCT attenuator (pre-amp only), upgraded case and dampening devices, and finally beautiful Rosewood side panels which really dress up both the phono stage and preamplifier.

Amplifier: A newly aquired pair of Clayton M200 power amplifiers—200watts of pure solid state Class A bass pounding power. An EL-34 based 40WPC Anthem Amp-1SE + tube amplifier upgraded by Parts Connextion. Over $2000.00 in upgrades to include the mighty CuTF V-Caps.

Source: A modified Thorens TD-350 w/Origin Live Encounter MKIII tonearm with Linear Flow cabling, Origin Live Ultra outboard power supply, Sumiko Blackbird MC cartridge, topped of with an Origin LivePlatter mat. Pulling this table together took almost a year! CDP is a Cary Audio 303T Professional SACD/CD player with a tube solid state output, upsamples up to 768K, and even renders HDCD with its newly updated and proprietary HDCD chip. The 303T Professional no longer uses the outdated Pacific Microsonics chip.

Cables: All Audience Au-24e including all XLR, RCA, and bi-wire speaker cables. Power cables are Audience AU-24 powerchords.

Accessories: Audience AdeptResponse aR-6t (Teflon) line conditioner, Billy Bags rack w/cracked glass TT shelf, Bright Star Little Rocks (on top of pre and phono stage), Hi-fi Silver Star and Supreme tuning fuses, and Cyro treated tubes from

Jeff will also have on hand a state of the art headphone system featuring the reviewed Cary Audio Xciter Headphone amplifier upgraded with Cardas Audio Golden Teflon caps, and running a set ofCyroSet TAD 6L6 tubes, and Cryoset Genalex reissue 12Ax7 Driver tubes. Headphones will be a pair of Ultrasone Edition8 w/ALO Audio Chain Mail cables, source will be a fully modified Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 SE + with Teflon V-Caps and tubed output. Cables are once again Audience Au-24e, power cords are Audience powerChord-e the line conditioner is an Audience AdeptResponse aR-6. All is all very slick stuff.

Bring your favorite headphones to plug in, CDs, SACDs, and/or vinyl to play. With all of the gear listed and a special guest speaker to boot (to be announced mid-August) this should make for a fun event to help resurrect CAS once again!

Please come hungry as lunch will be served. Please RSVP since space is limited to a maximum of 20 people. For more information:

Contact: Jeff Parks at