Calling Wadia 27 owners

I just bought a used Wadia 27 (not iX) and I would like to know if someone knows how to change the analogue output level, the owners manual says its done by manipulating internal switches but refers the owner to the dealer. I opened the unit to look and I see dip switches but nothing indicates what to do. I think it should be easy but if no one knows I will go to my local Wadia dealer and have it done. I am connecting my DAC to a McCormack DNA-2 LAE via Van den Hul The First Ultimate. The amp has a sensitivity of 1.5 Vrms one the single ended input. Help please
if you can find the internal dipswitches, the higher the number, the higher the output.
if all fails talk to steve huntley at great norther sound co. he is ex-wadia and knows unit inside and out.
651.436.8912 is his number.
good luck.