Cambridge 851C with Bluesound

Just starting to look into streaming and thinking of starting with a Bluesound Vault II. Obviously I’ll try it both ways using its own DAC and through my Cambridge 851C; guessing through the 851C it will sound better. I’ve never used my 851C as a DAC for another device but guessing it’ll do just fine. Question for other 851C owners, are you using a Bluesound device and what are your thoughts? Questions for others, is the Bluesound the device for the money or have newer units by others passed it up for the money if so what are your thoughts? I’m very happy with my 851C so not looking to buy a new DAC, but keep the Cambridge and add to it. Thanks
I think the Bluesound would be perfect and only if your willing to spend $3K for a Aurender music server could you do better imo.

Matt M
If you are planning to use an external DAC, you may also want to take a look at the Chromecast Audio as a streaming option. I was very skeptical at first but for $35 its got a pretty darn good performance. I also have a Bluesound Node2 in a different system and Chromecast when run through Schiit Modi Multibit, comes really close in terms of sound quality. Need a mini-Optical to optical cable to connect to a DAC. No brainer for $35.
@adg101 I have the Bluesound Node 2 - I treated it to good power cables and IC's - it surprised me as to exactly how good it can be.
- I got rid of my Schiit Bifrost DAC - didn't need it any longer.

As for the Node 2's streaming capability - first class
- great software interface
- upgrades always work
- excellent tech support 

You will be able to compare the digital stream via the Node 2, to the CD version simply by switching inputs on you pre/amp

It will be interesting to hear your observations.

Regards - Steve
@williewonka what did you use for a PC? I ordered a Furutech FU-8N  G (C7) IEC to roll my own. Thinking of using VH Audio Shielded Twisted Pair for the cable. Probably throw a Furutech F1-11M plug on the other end. Local shop has a good price on Nordost Silve Shadow digital cable so probably start with that.
@adg101  I use my own design - see this link

They are very good, but if that appears too complex - try the braided option -  my last post  at the end of this thread  explains how to braid them

Hope that helps