Cambridge Audio 840C vs Rega Saturn: Equals??

I have seen a few ads for used Cambridge 840C. I am curious if the previous Rega Saturn is competitive with Cambridge 840C

Let me preface this thread by stating with last year I purchased a Cambridge Audio 550C that supposedly was upgraded by Mapleshade Audio. I plugged this player into my current system whose player is a Rega Apollo and after about 5 hours comparative auditioning, concluded the Apollo sounded better. The supposedly upgraded 550C was mediocre sounding, plus I was told by the seller, I would really need a Mapleshade isolation platform to hear the quality of the upgrades.

As a result, I sold it at a substantial loss in money. I never gave much credence to Cambridge Audio products, often placing seeing them as a mid-fi class component. So I am wary of taking a chance on
the discontinued 840C as making a noticeable upgrade over the Rega Apollo Will appreciate any and all advice, including other recommendations of USED players not more than $1000