Cambridge Audio Dock iD100 and iPad 2

I bought the Cambridge Audio iD100 Dock about a month ago thinking I might use it in the future with an iPad 2. I'm now reading the dock doesn't work with the iPad 2.
Anyone know what doesn't work means? Does it dock and play music but the remote doesn't control it or doesn't it dock/play music?

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We have a dedicated customer support website where you are able to log in and submit any queries of this nature. We aim to get a response to you as soon as we can, but do ask that any queries are submitted via this website. This way all of our service personnel, who will have the information that you require, have access to your query and are able to get the most helpful response to you as quickly as possible.

Please head to the Cambridge Audio Customer Care website:

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Sort of feel like I got censored. I guess I wasn't suppose to ask the question in a public forum.
I checked the official Cambridge website and didn't find any mention of the problem.
I'll consider "logging in".

Thanks for you help.
The first generation id100 is not compatible with ipad2. I understand CA is working on id100 software upgrade for ipad2.
Anyone have any experience using an iPad 1 with the Cambridge iD100?

I connected an iPad 1 to my Cambridge Audio Dock (iD100) and the iPad immediately froze. It took several minutes and a hard reboot to get the iPad to respond.