Cambridge Audio Experience?

What is the general concensus regarding Cambridge Audio? I was considering pairing some of its equipment with so-called critically acclaimed entry level speakers such as Warfedale's 8.x series.

Also, anyone have experience with the Rotel RSP-1068? I have been studying that, as well...

I thought the 640C cdp was impressive for the money and I came very close to getting one. I think their integrateds are getting good press too.
Check out my review posted here:

I found the sound very smooth and refined but a little lacking in dynamics and drive, and the soundstage stays behind the speakers. It would work well with speakers that are a bit forward and bright, and would complement the midrange bump of most lower end amps.
I had Cambridge equipment paired with Dahlquist QX-6. The speakers were very efficient (92db)and the alloy tweeter compensated for the somewhat laid back dynamics.

In turn, the Azur's laid back and warm sound tamed some of the harsh highs associated with alloy tweeters.
I had the "pre-Azur" A500 integrated and D500SE CDP. The integrated was fussy about speakers (it hated my Epos monitors, but LOVED my Totems). Fantastic little amp for the money though. I only sold it to move to tubes.

The CDP was good, but not outstanding compared to my Rotel CDP.
I have a 640C CDP. I think it plays CD's with remarkable clarity. Excellent piece of equipment. For the bucks, it can't be beat IMHO.
Cheap and good. Better than the Rotel's in the same price range. NAD too. My opinion.