Can a DAC help?

In my home theater I have a Denon DVD2200 DVD and a Denon 3801 Receiver.Would an inexpensive ($500) DAC improve the sound? Does anyone use a DAC for 5.1?
A quality DAC will make an audible improvement over the stock Denon DACs. I used an Audio Note DAC 1 Signature and ABed it against the Denon DAC and it was no contest. The Denon phono stage is pretty pedestrian, too.
A DAC goes between a CD player and the preamp or receiver, and takes the place of the internal DAC in the CD player.
If you intend to use the DVD for music then fine, a DAC may or may not have a positive influence - see if you can borrow one first, and AB it using two inputs in the receiver. It all depends on what the quality of the DAC in your CD player is.
If using as a DVD (ie multichannel), then you're SOL, as all the DAC's are two channel.
No, it will not work for 5.1, 7.1, 10.1 or whatever, as the D to A decoding is done in the DVD player.
First step - try both the digital (coax or optical) outputs from the DVD to Denon, and the analog outputs. Rig them up so you can go back and forth, then you'll have a real-time comparison.
Thanks for your help.Slappy,the AVR3801 does not have Burr Brown DACs.The DVD2200 does have them.I think the digital output from the AVR sounds better than the analog output from the DVD.Maybe its the ICs but did spend $300 on 6 of them for 5.1. I know that might sound cheap but the DVD was only $550.
Sorry - clarification - 5.1, 7.1 et al are resolved in the preamp, receiver or whatever, assuming you're using the coax out. If you use the analog outs, then the DVD player is resolving the multichannel.
I was thinking of DVD-A, SACD when I write the previous note, where you have to go analog out, so a DAC wouldn't be of any consequence.
In any case, a DAC in the system would sure screw up your multichannel.