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Surround Theater Speakers Suggestions
Right, but this IS the Home Theater section, yes?  
Bryston 9B SST incoming and need the adapter for the remote turn-on What is it? - thanks
Thanks. I'll find out shortly, and yes, I have reached out to Bryston as well.  
After researching for a couple of months, it was clear that the industry standard for top pre-pro's (in the unstupid cost range) for both music and HT was either the Anthem or the Marantz 8802a. Rotel and NAD didn't seem to register against those ... 
Changed the power cord to SignalCable Magic Power cord on my CroMag II
mmarch-Richard Gray makes their own 15A and 20A power cords for the conditioners and does not suggest using any other manufacturer's PC. Of course, of course...... 
Great multichannel amps do not cut it in stereo
"I can not imagine multichannel separates being much better, as these had been extensively compared to the AVR600, with most indicating a close to on-par performance. "Well, then 1) you need to expand your imagination, and 2) the AVR600 is qu... 
Audio Sensibility vs. Signal Cable speaker cable
Have you ever seen anyone NOT saying that they have giant killers and other nonsense. All part of the game. 
Reviews of $10k plus ics, speaker wires, and pcs
Do you think car mags should review Ferrari's, Lambo's, MacLaren's and other megabuck stuff, or just Chrysler 200's and Ford Fusions? 
If you have ever bought anything from HSU research
I've dealt with HSU on a number of occasions and they've been nothing other than first rate professional.Anyway, you're post is a rambling mess. Knowing HSU from the past, I'd bet there's a LOT more to the story.Sure - class action suit. Let us kn... 
Review: Wyred 4 Sound Dac-2 DSD SE MODification DA converter
I'd vote it's completely unreadable. 
what to TURN to when starting $1000 budget
Paragraphs are your (and our) friend. 
Objective vs. Placebo relating to system changes
"not necessary for everyone to understand all of the science and engineering that may be involved." That's the point - there often ISN'T science and engineering, it's mystical nonsense that's justified by saying that "well, you're system can't res... 
New Sony Hi Res Coming This Fall
'vinyl-like listening experience' it claims. Why bother with anything but the 'real thing', Maybe everyone isn't as enamored about carefully storing the medium, then cleaning it all the time to avoid the dreaded clicks and pops, then having to obs... 
caveat emptor
I don't think an apology is owed either. If you have something to say, say it, no need to be cute and cryptic. 
Subbing a 8 amp fuse in for a 1amp fuse in PS/Dac
No problem at all. Why not just put a piece of wire in there and then you won't have to worry about those pesky blown fuses again.Gawd. 
Do power cords make a difference?
Groan.Cue the Pangea shill.