can anyone help me........

I have a old rotel rcd 975, love its sound but its on its last legs.  laser is going out and parts are getting harder to find.  the 975 had a very unique sound, with that phillips chip.  does anyone who is familiar with this unit know what compares to it today.  I currently have the oppo udp 203, and a nad 565bee which sounds good, but the rotel sounds better.  if anyone has any answers let me know.  please no bizarre and expensive brands that I cant afford or brands just to impress me please.  let me know what you come up with please, thanks.

What "sound" does the Rotel have and what sound are you striving for?  Years ago I had a Rotel RCD-991.  Boy was that thing mellow.  Easy on the ears but no dynamics.  "Sonic wallpaper"
Your player from what I've seen online uses 2 TDA 1305T's and CDM-9 transport. Rotel RCD- 970BX uses same transport but w/1 TDA 1305T. I'd do some looking to see what other players uses this combination. Maybe you could savage a CDM-9 from other unit?
If there is a rotel dealer close by have you tried a demo of their newer players like the  1572? 
hifiman,  its just a beautiful, full, dynamic  smooth sound.

djones51, talked with rotel engineer, said they last good model were the 10 series. said if I could get my hands on one of them, but they have been around a while as well, would be having the same problem soon.  

kotta637, not much on transport matching and such, the only transport I got off on was the wadia back in the day.  never really went into the tech side of digital
I do know that of the cd players I liked back when, calf audio labs, meridian, rotel, phillips, ,melos gold that I could remember, the rotel sounded the best, and all used that same phillips chip.
Hifiman5, I've never cared for Rotel CD players. I bought a gently used RCD-1072 to pair with my Rotel integrated, which replaced an old Sony player I was using. The Sony/Rotel combo actually sounded quite decent. When I put the RCD-1072 into the system, it sounded like absolute crap (no dynamics, poor detail, way too forward with weak bass). Rather than dump the player, I upgraded my Audioquest interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords to Acoustic Zen which luckily smoothed out the sound greatly and added some much-needed warmth and bass which allowed me to live with the Rotel unit. The 1072 is now an average performer and tolerable while I look to upgrade next year.

What interconnects did you use with your 991? I don't like using cables as an EQ, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do in order to make a unit listenable.