Can anyone tell me about VERITY AUDIO PARSIFAL

I have an opportunity to buy VERITY AUDIO PARSIFAL but not sure what the folks on the ground think about them or what to look out for since their pretty old. The reviews seems to be good, but compared to speakers now days, not sure if $6K is money well spent. Can someone help me with pros and cons compared to buying maybe another another brand for $6K?

heard them back then in some high end shows (never owned them)... quite nice but not outstanding... pretty expensive for the performance they afforded was my over-riding impression

for that type of speaker joseph audio and proac and reference 3a were better performing and better values
I have owned a truckload of speakers in the last 30 years, including Parsifal and Fidelio.

Parsifals ate the best I ever owned. They are refined and revealing, and great with tubes. If you find them bland, it may be because you are using them with bland amplification or cables...
Dude, the Lawrence audio line has always intrigued me. What're your impressions? 
They sound very, very, good right out the box! Musically, the separation in sound makes it sound like a 5.1 system, plus the voices are amazingly true to the singer. The speakers bass has a nice thump and they’re very forgiving when it comes to lack of room acoustics, especially in my environment. As you probably know, they have a beautiful finish, mines black, and they’re somewhat heavy to move, especially once you put the spikes on. It comes in two crates which requires removing screws on front panel and it sits on rollers making it easy to slide out. I’m still experimenting with spacing from the walls and sitting position. Right now, it appears that it does require a large room, but again, i’m still experimenting. I can’t recommend them to the masses yet, but in time i’ll be able to expound on them a little more once i’m finished experimenting with the staging..