Can anyone tell me how my amp compares?

I currently run a Jolida 302b modified by Hot Rod Audio Mods and I use 6550s in it. My question is how does it compare to other integrated amps that use 6550s:
Prima Luna

The reason for the question is I'm wondering if I should upgrade?

I looked at your systems listed and no mention of a Jolida? Hard to give advice on a good upgrade if your system isn't listed.

If it sounds good why waste your money? Listen to some other amps, then make a decesion. It will also depend on the other components and speakers you are using. Take you time and try to audition some other items first. Good luck.
The 302b and the 502 Jolida are the same amps. The circuit and transformers are the same. It can be changed to use KT-88's or EL-34's by changing four resistors in the bias network. My 502 run's both KT-88's and EL-34's. You may or may not like the KT-88's better. I do because I like the extra power with my Vandersteen's. There is a lot of debate on which tube sounds better. Hope that helps. By the way I wouldn't sell it. I love mine since I did all the mods.