Can CLASSE Amps Drive.......

....a continous 2Ohm load without any problem/concern? To Classe owners out there, would you kindly share your valuable experienced.

I am looking at the CAV series (75 or 150) multi channel amp to do duty on this HT and 2 channel.

The required amp for this is 6-CH minimum. Most owners use 8 channels which makes individual channel driving a 4 Ohm load each. Now for 6 channel, 4 will be driving a nominal 4 Ohm load independently while two of the channels will see a 2 OHM load continously (Peerless sub drivers X 2 connected in parallel).

I am considering the Classe because of budget contraints (they are now available at around $1800 used!). Besides, the CAV 150 Six-Channel amp for example at 150 wpc(8 Ohms) continous as rated by the manufacturer will double up at 4 Ohm load, so it means that it is safe to say that its capacity is about 1.8 kW at 4 Ohms and with say a factor of safety of about 30% (which is a lot of room) will give me aroun 1.2 to 1.3 kW. Assuming that I am using 50W for the tweeter and mid (that must be very loud already!) each, which at 4 Ohms becomes 100w x 4 is 400 watts. From the estimated available power above, I still have around 900W at 4. So that will be 450 per of two which seems to be more than enough to drive a 2 Ohm load. Does that sound right to you?

Comments please!
I have a CAV 500 which has been a very reliable piece in my home theater. I have 3 CA 400's as well. They sound great and seem able to drive almost any load. They drive Thiels which can present a challenge to lesser amps. Anyway, in my dealings with Classe I have found Armin Gschwendtner (customer service manager at Classe) to be helpful. Phone is (514) 636-6384.
Web address is

Classe is very helpful and their people are knowledgable.
Rich Nicholls
My Classe CAV-180 drives my Martin Logan Ascents very well. The impedance of these speakers drops VERY low.
You can check with Classe they should be able to answer your questions. I used a Classe CAV150 for about 4 years in a home theater system with all Thiel speakers and had no problems at all. I checked with classe prior to purchase and made sure that 4 to 3 ohm loads were ok. I did not ask about 2 ohm load because thiels do not go that low. Good Luck
Should not be a problem, only thing is make sure they are very high current is the key, and they may heat up a lot more driving the lower ohm's, but should easily perform that low.
I have a pair of 2.3's and am utilizing Classe CAM 200's,. Very pleased so far.
I have a rarely used Classe CAV 150 multi channel amp in excellent condition for sale. I have been storing it in my home for the past several years. it was bought in the mid-late 1990's and used for several years with my Vandersteen speakers that I just sold on ebay. This amp was not driven hard and has few hours of listening on it. 6 X 150W. Black face. It has a few scratches on the handle; this will not affect performance. Can be bridged to 3 X 300W. Fantastic amp.

Buyer to pay shipping costs. I will send out by UPS ground as this is a very heavy amp. let me know if you're interested.
Hi to all Classe lovers, the CAV has a huge known problem of randomly channels dropping out, and without reason after a while coming back alive with all my dealings with some Tom at Classe , he tried hard to put the blame on cables, and when that did not work he recomended a repair man who long ago gave up on the amp.
So for now the Classe is a nice heavy foot stool.
Be very careful before putting your money on this company, there are better products in the market. to make things better, one the last attempt to fix the amp, they lost the little plastic caps that cover the binding posts, i sent an email to Classe and the requested $600.- for 10 little plastic caps to replace what they lost. the caps are more expensive then the whole 120 Lbs amp!!!