Can DK design MKII drive the Magenapan MG1.6 well?

I just bought a DK MKII int-amp, and want to buy MG1.6 later. I wonder if they match each other well. any inputs are appreciated.
I have owned and driven both 1.6's and 3.6's with my DK amp. I found it was a very good match - lots of power to drive a very inefficient four ohm load. It offered equally good midrange plus better bass control than my Sonic Frontiers Power 2. I sold the SF after comparning it to the SF in my system. I'm now using the DK with a pair of diy line arrays. These speakers require an amplifer that has especially good bass control, and the DK excels in that regard. Photo at
Thanks Mamzh. It took a lot of time and work but the feedback has been gratifying.

Now how come no one in this thread has claimed that the DK "blows away the Levinson" ; - )
I am driving my DK with the MG12. They are a pretty good match. Plenty of power for the maggies. However, I am a little disappointted in the high. At time, it may sound thin. Needs plenty of warm up time.
Isn't anyone concerned at all about frying the 1.6's with too much power? The DK is rated at 320 watts into 4 ohms.
I have used an Innersound ESL amp, that had an extra large power supply, and put out 1000 watts into 4 OHMs and they played extremely loud without damage. a drum solo on them was louder than if real drums were in my living room... no kidding.......

Do not worry about blowing Maggie 1.6 with clean power. I have heard the true ribbon tweeter on 3.6s can be blown rather easily though...