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Coincident Linestage vs CJ CT5 or Allnic L-3000
I'm also obsessed with dht and deciding on a new preamp. I am considering upgrading from arc ls26 to a csls.  Wondering if it is worth the upgrade.  
Audio envy - dang!
@lalitk  I was just kidding.  I'm very happy with all the cables I got from you.  =)  I doubt I can hear any difference.  Very satisified with all my cables.  Spent another 1500 on new cables with Captain.  Hopefully they will arrive soon and I... 
Audio envy - dang!
@lalitk After hearing your comments on the mega 3 I feel like I should upgrade all my mega 2.  Recently purchased them from some guy on us audio mart.  Should have seen this thread earlier. Sigh.  Lol 
Audio research ref 6SE vs world
I would love to know if anyone has opinions between the Allnic L3000 mk2 / L4000 and the AR REF3 preamp. 
The Vinyl Community's Mazzy Loves You!
@bdp24  Thanks to you and your recommendations.  I have been really enjoying my vinyl journey.  Since our last conversation, I have upgraded my turntable, cartridge, and phonostage (twice).  I now have the Brinkmann Bardo with Benz LPS with Allnic... 
Great Experience with Allnic and Kevalin Audio
@vortex sorry I didn't see your reply sooner.  I'm not familiar with the other products as they are quite expensive stuff.  Recently I'm considering a new preamp. I'm looking at the L3000 4000 or 5000 in the used market.  Their cables are way too ... 
Great Experience with Allnic and Kevalin Audio
This is not an ad. I'm 100% real about it.  Amazing dealer and product. I know sounds too good to be true. But it is.  You can contact me if you have questions.  
Audio Research LS/Ref or Primaluna EVO Preamp
This is a very interesting thread.  I have the LS26 and have been thinking of upgrading.  I was considering the Cary SLP 98 or 05.  And also the PrimaLuna EVO 300.Is that going to be a substantial upgrade from the ARC LS26?  I want more of the tub... 
Great Experience with Allnic and Kevalin Audio
That’s great to hear. Seems like the dealers work well together and help one another out. My new dac was shipped from Canada.Which allnic product(s) have you tried?  I don't think I can afford anything else at this point. lol 
Recommendations for a modestly priced analog system
Hello.  I think I went through a similar situation this year. I started pondering on the idea of an analog setup when covid hits.  I got rega rp6 with aria phono and a mm cartridge. It was surprisingly pleasant. I ended up with 300 to 400 records ... 
Speakers to pair with Elicit-R / Rega Planar 6?
I have a used pair of Magnepans 3.5R.  I purchased it a few years back for less than 2k.  I have the Rega RP6 with Rega Aria pre.  Bunch of tube gears and the system really sings. 
The Vinyl Community's Mazzy Loves You!
Yes.  I am fan of the VC community on youtube.  There is another guy called "45 RPM Audiophile" and "Bob Bradley."  A lot of good content out there.  I enjoy watching Mazzy. 
Review: Marchand Electronics XM126s Tube Electronic Crossover Tube preamp
It is 2020 and you wrote your review in 2005 but this is a great review. I found very little information on marchand with 3.5.  I happen to have the 3.5 with marchand xm44 3 way.  I have not received the product but I'm doing my research ahead of ... 
Recommendation on a basic turntable setup
Quick update.  I ended up with purchasing Rega 6 with Exact 2 cartridge.Thanks for all the help. 
Recommendation on a basic turntable setup
@bdp24 Okay found that "big" auction site.  Thanks.  :)