Can I go wrong with Stealth Indra ?

as a result of an upgrade from an int.amp to the PassLabs preamp/amp combo, I need an additional balanced interconnect as well as a powerchord. My existing cables are all NBS Omega I.
I can obviously deploy these two new cables with any of my gear e.g. deploy the i/c between cd player/preamp or preamp/amp and the powerchord for cd player, preamp, etc. so a lot of possible combinations ! In order to limit the number of possible combinations, I'm inclined to use these two new cables with the cd player (Cary 306) that is, the interconnect would be used to connect the Cary to the preamp.
I read a few positive reviews in Audiogon on a number of cables and particulary about the Stealth Indra. The conclusion in case of the Indra was that 1) it can be used in any high-end set-up and there are no issues when mixing with other cables, and 2) is best used between source/preamp so that it would match "my inclination" as mentioned above.
Why Indra ? Acc. to the reviews it seems to be neutral, very resolving and with wide imaging & soundstage (in one review someone used the word "exploding"). Are these attributes all true ? I did have the opportunity to audition Transparent bal.Reference (MM tech.) combined with NBS Omega III (and not with Omega I) and the result was great : quietness, resolution and soundstage were all far better compared to an all NBS cabling, as if a veil was lifted, BUT the Transparent is exceedingly expensive and I thought that if I had to spend that much, why not get a cable with better cost/benefit relationship, that is, would result in an even better outcome for basically the same kind of money. This is when I started wondering first about K-S Emotion and then if Indra could be the right cable for me.

My questions - and particularly to the owners of Indra - are as follows : a) can I go wrong with the Indra or what other variable should I consider when using Indra ? Can it be easily mixed with other cables (particularly with NBS Omega I, which can be considered fairly neutral compared to other models of NBS cables) ? Auditioning the Indra is NOT possible for me so the plunge will be an expensive one. And if I buy an used Indra (production, not the beta) is there anything I need to pay attention ?
b) what powerchord would you suggest particularly with the Indra i/c ? As mentioned before, I'm inclined to use this powerchord for the cd player and it will be connected to a Shunyata Hydra-8. In addition, it must be a flexible one as I'm already struggling with the NBS....

cheers and thank you for your comments, Mike
No, you can't go wrong with Indras. I'm using all Stealth cables Dream power cords, speaker cables, Varidig Sexted digital IC and Indra IC's from DAC to Pre and Pre to Amps. I've compared Indras against Synergistic Research Absolute Ref. cables and Purists 20th Ann. Purist cables and the Indras were clear winners against these cables. I also think other Stealth cables also perform great. I made long tests on power cords (Elrods, Shunyatas, Gryphon, Kondo, etc) and again Stealth was my choice for my system.

So I say, go with the Indras. They are very natural and very detailed, so they won't alter the sound you have with your other components.
The Indra is a great interconnect. I had the NBS Omega 1, then upgraded to the NBS Black Label (which I still have.) I was able to audition/compare and ultimately purchase a production Indra. It was much quieter, dynamic and truthful in my system. I still occasionally go back and forth and the NBS is a little dark in comparison. I still think the NBS is an excellent cable but prefer the Indra.

good luck
Hi rgwrjs,
your post was of particular interest to me as you use NBS. I'm assuming that you still use NBS, at least its speaker cable (I read some of your posts in AA). Where do you deploy the Indra : from source/preamp or preamp/amp (that was not clear from one of your post) ? And what powerchord do you use for source and which worked well with the Indra ?
cheers, Mike
I no longer use NBS Black Label in my 2 channel system (they are in my HT system.) My speaker cables are Pranawire Cosmos. I use a one meter Indra pair from my DAC to preamp, a one meter pair from preamp to active crossover, and a 4 meter pair from the crossover to my upper frequency monoblocks (I actively biamp my speakers with four monoblocks.) I use the Pranawire Cosmos interconnect to go from the crossover to the lower frequency monoblocks.

I use Jenalabs Model one power cords for my digital sources. I did not prefer the NBS power cord in comparison to several power cords I have tried in my system, including Elrods, Kubala-Sosna Emotions, and Pranawire.