Can I Transfer MusicGiants HD tracks to iTunes?

I've started downloading some tracks from Music Giants, and love the quality. However, I'd like to merge these tracks with my iTunes library to mix in with playlists (my regular Apple Lossless transfers from CD). It looks like I can transfer these WMA tracks over by converting them to Apple Lossless, but do I loose any of the HD quality that way? I want to make sure I keep full quality, or else what's the point of Music Giants.

Any advice welcome.
I don't have any experience with Music Giants tracks but I was able to drag the high-res 24/96 WAV files from the new John Mellencamp / T-Bone Burnett DVD into iTunes without any conversion and handle them like any other tracks in playlists. An iPod won't play them in that format but streaming from iTunes seemed to work fine.
Thanks Sfar, I tried a few traks now, and I realize I'm stuck as some of the WMA files I get from Music Giants include DRM, so i can't even convert them to Apple Lossless.

C*$&. Just for a minute there, I thought I had a great source of new HD music with the convenience of managing them in playlists on iTunes, but no luck. I'm amazed that this stuff continues to be not user friendly and is over protected. I'm standing there with my credit card ready to by more music, only it's not really worth my while if these files are just sitting there in islands, unable to be integrated with the rest of my music. Oh well..
If anyone can figure out how to convert a MusicGiants DRM protected WMA music file so they can be used in an Ipod, I would like to know.

I think the only MusicGiants files that work on an Ipod would be the ones that don't have DRM and have the "No DRM" logo.

I learned this the hard way. I got stuck paying for a few of their DRM music files and can't use them. Very frustrating!

I'm trying to get my money back from MusicGiants, but they are ignoring my emails.