Can I turn my 2-way Bookshelf speakers 90°…?

….and not negatively I mpact audio quality?  

I have a spacing need to potentially turn my bookshelf speakers to be horizontal.   Does this impact audio?   These are “typical” 2-way box speakers.  

Thank you…


It's not ideal for imaging, and the phase relationship with the woofer at the crossover becomes an issue.  But if you don't care about that then go ahead.

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My Roksan Darius MkIV (from the glorious 90’s) were designed to work like that, in a 90 degree angle. In fact I am listening to them right now, and the soundstage is huge with pin point imaging. Although very tough to set-up, all efforts were rewarded with sublime sound: they completely vanished in the room, and deliver very tight bass, clear and sweet treble.


That said, I never experienced that extreme toe-in with any other speakers, in fact, I prefere no toe-in at all with my Thiel, Totem, Kef and Quad speakers.