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Amp — Leave on or turn off
I listen to my system every day for 4-5 hours and turn it off after. Turn in on, more or less 30 min before the listening session takes place. Some of my gear have tubes (hybrid integrated amps, preamps and dacs) and I want to extend the life of... 
Belles Soloist 1 integrated amplifier
@jl35 many thanks, I will do that :)  
Belles Soloist 1 integrated amplifier
@jl35  did you remember what was the “remote control logic circuit” on the Belles Soloist 1?  The manual says: - the remote on/off button enable or disable the remote control logic circuit - the amplifier can be operated with the remote control ... 
Audio Mirror Tubadour V
I have the IsoAcoustics ZaZen II platform under my Audiolab 9000CDT CD transport and it is amazing! Great value also.    
Can I turn my 2-way Bookshelf speakers 90°…?
My Roksan Darius MkIV (from the glorious 90’s) were designed to work like that, in a 90 degree angle. In fact I am listening to them right now, and the soundstage is huge with pin point imaging. Although very tough to set-up, all efforts were rewa... 
Thiel Owners
@jafant  thanks :) unfortunately, here in Europe, Thiel speakers were always expensive and a bit rare. But I am still looking for a mint pair. The have my kind of sound without a doubt:)  
Thiel Owners
I continue to enjoy my CS.5 and still looking for a mint pair of CS1.5 or the more modern 1.6, only to get a tad more bass and grunt… love the sound :) This is one of the most satisfying components on the proud of ownership scale…  
Belles Soloist 1 integrated amplifier
@jl35 @ thanks, can you please explain in what particular aspect is the Aria better? And what do you like on the Belles sound signature? Thanks   
Looking for a budget Step-up Transformer
Wow! The Orso Audio SUT looks very interesting. Thanks :)  
Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing
I continue to enjoy the Audiolab 9000CDT, very smooth operation (TEAC drive) and wonderful sound, all at a great price. The Atoll DR200 Signature is also a good bet.  
Looking for a budget Step-up Transformer
Thanks to all. Great suggestions :) Unfortunately most SUT are from outside Europe, which adds to much costs. I will keep looking…  
Integrated tube amplifier: 4 ohm or 8 ohm connection?
Thanks :)  
Schiit URD CD Transport SOON?
To me the URD is an very interesting CD transport and it is certainly well priced, for everyone looking for a serious performing machine with great interest in just playing CD’s, like me. That said, the only things that bothers me are: - the size... 
I have several excellent CD players and just bought the Audiolab 9000CDT and it is truly wonderful machine, very well built and with superior performance. The Atoll DR200 Signature and the two newcommers, the Schiit URD and Shanling ET-3, are al... 
 I had the Qutest and changed it for the Denafrips Pontus II to get a more natural and relaxed sound in my system, but you might prefer what you already got. Tryto listen to other dacs without selling the Qutest, and that is my advice :)